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Surf photography, like any other action is all about movement. It's a racing barrel, swooping carve or flying air. But while we're constantly trying to freeze a single moment in time within one frame on our cameras, we're often missing out on the great opportunity to actually capture some more of the movement other than just 1/1000 of a second of it. The speed blur allows us…


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Backlit is the new frontlit. Most photographers start out being taught that the sun or light source should be behind you - shinning directly onto your subject. Hence the term 'frontlit'. But as nice as this looks from time to time and in some necessary situations, it really is the standard and not nearly as interesting or exciting as it could be. Photography after all is…


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It is not so much about the surfer as it is the wave. Yes, surf photography is the art of capturing someone riding a wave, but it's the wave that is the real star of the show more often than not - especially when it comes to wide-angle water photography. Surfers want to imagine themselves on that wave or in that barrel, so the job of any surf photographer is to make the wave…


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Kak Weather for shooting

Clouds are offering less than suitable shooting conditions for the Go Pro today......when will they come out with flash attachments? can one approach Go Pro SA for a sponsorship? imagine that!!!

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We want YOU on the cover of Zag

The kind of thing we’re looking for, as demonstrated by Mr Slater and his little HD friend. Image © kellyslater / instagram

Since Zag launched in 1976, the cover shot has been our Holy Grail, a place reserved for the best of the best in action and image quality. And now we want to plaster you all over it.

Together with GoPro, we’re blowing the field wide open for the Zag GoPro Cover Me contest and inviting any surfer to take a crack at…


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Surf and Travel


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Surfing in the Boland.

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SPL professional waterhousing for sale

For those of you who are interested, I am selling my very successful Canon 50D SPL waterhousing setup, see attached. I have spent many hours looking after this equipment with regular servicing and cleaning, so it is in excellent condition. Package includes:

Canon 50D camera

Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens

SPL 50D waterhousing with: Review, Shutter and…


Added by Alan van Gysen on May 8, 2012 at 10:30 — 6 Comments

Friday's Foto Tip: How to capture an epic barrel shot

Shaun Payne right at home in a thick Sumatran barrel. Photo: AvG

There are few things better in life than getting barreled. Being encased inside a tube while the very ocean folds over you and sends you screaming towards the shoulder. It's the one photograph every surfer wants of themselves, and the first photograph every…


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Friday's Foto Tip: How to capture an epic lineup

Pure South Africa beauty.

The lineup shot will always be the single most powerful and timeless frame of surf photography shootable. If there is one photograph every surfer wants to see or to show their friends when they score, it's the lineup.

So what makes a great…


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Friday's Foto Tip: How do I become a surf photographer?

I've probably been asked this more than any other question as a surf photographer. That and do I get to surf when on location in exotic countries? If you were also wondering this, well the answer is yes, but only if I have the goods in hand and it's one of the last days of the trip. Work comes first; it's one of the first steps of being a professional.…


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Friday's Foto Tip: Long and dry with the 70-200mm

Last week we discussed saliva and keeping our wide-angle ports droplet-free. This week it's all about dry ports and keeping those 70-200mm photographs crisp and sharp.

A few years ago I made the exciting purchase of a 70-200mm port and subsequent housing. After years of only shooting wide angle surf photographs from the water, I was as excited as a cat…


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Friday's Foto Tip: The Dreaded Water Droplet

Ok so I know it's not Friday, but better late than never right? This week I thought we would tackle that pesky issue of the dreaded water droplet sticking to your lens/port during water photography, and how to promote a quick, smooth and efficient water runoff. Whether you have a professional fish-eye waterhousing or a beginner compact water-camera, if you don't know…


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Howzit okes


Please feel free to roam through my pics & let me know what you think.I've just started getting into surf photography & dig it a lot!



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Durban has had an easterley all week bt the wave size has increased and u can find some sik wavs at the moment...

Durban has had an easterley all week bt the wave size has increased and u can find some sik wavs at the moment...


Added by Tom on April 12, 2011 at 19:04 — 1 Comment

Big swel!!!!!!!

Big swell expected for saterday the 15th


a bit windy though..

Added by Jean Joubert on January 13, 2011 at 15:36 — No Comments

Da Blog

Check out our brand new blog.

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Friday's gonna be overhead at longbeach!

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Cannot upload

Hey hiI am having a problem.I log in fine.. but as soon as i choose the upload option i get a red triangle in the address bar and i cannot upload images. Am told that it is ani secure sight. How can…Continue

Started by christopher Aug 29, 2019.

J Bay Point

Waves have been really good this last week at Point - not small either "LOCALS ONLY"Continue

Started by Mouse Billson Aug 24, 2019.

Camera Lens 1 Reply

Hey guys .I'm looking at getting a new lens for my camera , something ideal for quality crisp pics , but something at a reasonable price #studentlife!Any suggestions??Thanks!Continue

Started by Carla Voigt. Last reply by Geecee Jul 10, 2018.


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If you are going to upload photos of secret or very sensitive surf spots. Be vague about the location, or better yet flat out lie. We're okay with either.

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